KLM’s customer-centric app development through the use of in-app feedback

How KLM went from a 2.8 app store score to a 4.2 using a feedback solution!

How KLM uses Usabilla to improve its mobile app

A couple of months after the launch of their app MVP, KLM implemented Usabilla as it allowed the company to capture the voice of their customers via other channels than the app stores. In return, this allowed KLM to understand what it is that customers want. Quantitative data only revealed how the app was used. With the Usabilla solution, KLM is now able to understand why customers are using the app in a certain way, and more importantly, how the use and adoption of the app can be increased.

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Stijn Bannier,  Product Manager Mobile at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines explains how KLM benefits from using a Voice Of Customer (VOC) Solution.

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