Make smarter decisions based on customized reports

We get it. Sifting through customer feedback is a challenge, especially when it comes to analysis. That’s why we’re offering Reporting Services where we take care of processing your feedback responses. Based on your organization’s needs, we will create a custom report including your collected data and our recommendations.


What does our reporting with text analytics contain?

We use a unique approach to text analysis, constructing 'key phrases.' These are combinations of two words that occur together throughout the collection of comments. Our method consists of 4 steps. With each step, we dive a little deeper into the feedback, thereby providing a holistic and actionable report of your feedback data.

Level 1: word clouds
Just like many text analysis solutions, we start with a word cloud. This gives you a first glance at what customers are talking about most. If you're gathering a lot of mobile feedback, we'll include an emoji cloud as well.

Level 2: key phrases
In the next level, we create 'key phrases.' Any combination of a noun+adjective (e.g. ugly color) or verb+adverb (e.g. loading slowly) that occurs in the comment is added to the item with a key phrases label.

Level 3: mood rating
Next, we combine the key phrases with the corresponding mood ratings.

Level 4: interpretation
Finally, our research consultant will take a deep dive into your data to read and summarize the feedback items that contain particular key phrases to get the full picture.

Interested? Here's what's in it for you

Make your feedback actionable

Access a summary of the most important insights.

Easily share results with your colleagues

Accelerate adoption of Usabilla within your company.

Save time and resources

Overwhelmed by the amount of feedback? Our reporting services will take care of it.