UX FUNDAMENTALS: Interaction Design

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UX FUNDAMENTALS: Interaction Design

The 6-step process for building good interactions that delight your users






Reading time: 20 minutes

Learn why good interactions are essential for good UX

UX is no longer just a concern resigned to technical teams; it’s now a focus that transcends departments as more and more businesses are realizing the importance that good UX has on the success of their websites, products and services.

In today’s saturated online landscape, your tech-savvy users are looking for more than mere functionality; they want to be left feeling delighted with every interaction. And if they don’t get that, if they have a negative experience while engaging with your brand even just once, chances are they won’t come back. If you can’t offer the positive user experience they are looking for, you can be sure that someone else will.

  • Get the 6-step process for building good interactions that delight your users.
  • Find out how to apply the 5 elements of IxD language.
  • What's next for Interaction Design? Read our predictions for what's to come.