The Complete Guide to User Experience Metrics

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The Complete Guide to User Experience Metrics

Learn how to use the most popular UX metrics, improve the user experience, and prove the ROI of your efforts.


 Reading time: 30 minutes

Leverage the right UX metrics

Great UX design means a user can solve a problem or fulfill a need with ease. This intuitive experience results in more satisfied users, higher conversion rates, and fewer technical issues, reducing business costs down the line.


But before you can make improvements to your digital platform(s), it's vital to understand their current state. To do this successfully, you need to leverage the right UX metrics. Without having these in place, how will you know that the work you're doing is meaningful and impactful?


This guide has everything you need to know to get started. We discuss:

  • Key definitions and types of popular UX metrics and how to choose the right ones.
  • The role of UX in customer experience.
  • How to take action on your UX metrics.
  • Ways to demonstrate the business impact of your efforts.